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Social Media Video Campaign For a Client

Here are a series of videos we created for a client on various video platforms, using a mix of graphics, text, music, and other video clips.


These can similarly be created for you with text and images you supply, or we can write the copy and find the images for you. You can use these videos for your YouTube account, website, or social media campaign — and our social media, video, and website design team members can put these videos together for you. The cost is as little as $100 for a short video of 15-60 seconds.


This client was interested in creating a series of videos on fixing the criminal justice system and dealing with the drug crisis. 


Videos for Social Media Campaign

Finding Fault in a Citizen Police Shooting
WK 29 – Post 1

How Misconduct Claims Are Brought to Discredit the Police
WK 29 – Post 2

Unfounded Misconduct Complaints Against the Police
WK 29 – Post 3

Job Training for Unskilled Workers
WK30 – Post 5

What’s an Alternative to Affirmative Action?
WK30 – Post 4

The Wall
WK30 – Post 3

The Coast-Middle America Divide
WK30 – Post 5

The Rural-Urban Divide
WK30 – Post 1

Healing Our Divisions
WK30 – Post 6


Videos About the Drug Crisis for Campaign

Another Idea for Dealing with the Opioid Crisis:
Judges Can Offer Reduced Sentences (WK 6 – Post 1)

Increasing Education and Awareness
about the Drug Crisis (WK 6 – Post 2)

What an Educational Campaign on the
Drug Crisis Might Include (WK 6 – Post 3)


Informational Videos

Why Imposing the Death Penalty on Drug Dealers
Would be Difficult in the U.S.

Are Other Countries a Model for Imposing the
Death Penalty on U.S. Drug Dealers?

My Own Suggestions for Dealing
with the Opioid Crisis

Short Video Reels

Why Is the U.S. So Divided?

U.S. Politics Are a Mess

Why is it hard to find justice
in America?

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