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Changemakers Films features the films of Changemakers Productions, which has been producing films for 10 years, led by writer and executive producer Gini Graham Scott.


The company began producing 60 short narrative films, documentaries, and music videos, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel, Changemakersprod .


You can see some highlights of our Film and TV Writing, if you are interested in scripts for short films.


Since 2014, Changemakers Productions has written and co-produced 4 feature films, a TV series pilot, and documentary with Dear Skyyler Productions, a company that has directed and produced over 30 feature films.

These film projects include:


  • Suicide Party #Save Dave

  • Driver

  • Infidelity

  • Social Girl

  • At Death’s Door (TV series pilot)

  • End of Life (documentary)

  • The New Age of Aging (documentary)

  • Reversal

  These are in distribution, release, or post-production.  A documentary series Live Healthy, Live Longer: The Secrets of Healthy Aging will being production in July and available for distribution in November.   

The next in the series is based on The Science of Living Longer by Gini Graham Scott and published by ABC-Clio.


Now, Changemakers Productions is looking for financing for its next series of films which are sci-fi and crime suspense thrillers, with budgets from $100,000 to $500,000, depending on the locations, cast, and star-power of featured actors.

Films planned for production in 2019 include:
Brain Swap (AKA New Identity)
Dead No More (AKA Bringing Grandma Back)

In addition, Gini Graham Scott has written a dozen scripts, primarily in the crime, suspense thriller, sci-fi, and contemporary drama genres, which are available for licensing to producers.

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For individuals and companies who need help in writing a script, Gini Graham Scott can consult with you or write the script at any stage of development:

turning your ideas into a screenplay

working from your notes

adapting a novel, memoir, or other type of book

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