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For Ghostwriting and Co-Writing

Many thanks to Gini Graham Scott. She helped me in writing my book American Justice?, which combines a memoir about my wife’s devastating experience with the criminal justice system and a discussion of the problems in the criminal justice system and how to fix it.

Besides writing, she helped with doing extensive research on criminal justice issues. Then, she helped me in finding my publisher through a query to publishers and agents.

The book just came out this year with TouchPoint Press, and now she has been helping me get PR for the book.

Paul Brakke

Author of American Justice, Fixing the U.S. Criminal Justice System, The Costly U.S. Prison System, and four other books, Little Rock, Arkansas

Gini Graham Scott helped in writing my book: At Death’s Door about end of life care, and helping patients and their families choose the best option to minimize pain and suffering at the end.

She did a great job in helping me bring out the stories of the patients to make the book come alive and put the reader beside me in dealing with these patients day to day. I really feel I have written a powerful and important book about a timely topic.

Many thanks to Gini Scott for her help. She also helped me sell my book to Rowman and in developing a script for a TV pilot based on the book that is being filmed in July 2016.

Sebastian Sepulveda, M.D.

Author with Gini Graham Scott of At Death’s Door: End of Life Stories from the Bedside (Rowman & Littlefield) , Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Gini did a great job in helping me write my book, based on articles I suggested on preventing credit card fraud.

Jen Grondahl Lee

Debt Strategist and Bankruptcy Attorney, Author with Gini Graham Scott of Preventing Credit Card Fraud (Rowman & Littlefield)

For Website and Promotional Copy

Gini helped me by offering some suggestions when I was redesigning my website, and then she rewrote the copy on my home page, so it had a cleaner, crisper look.

I have also heard her presentations on writing and building one’s business as a member and educational coordinator of BNI.

I recommend Gini as a professional in her writing field.

Kathy Bate

Kathy Bate Interior Design , Walnut Creek, California

Dr. Gini Graham Scott is an excellent writer. She helped me with wording for my website. I can use it on many platforms that I use for marketing.

It made my website clear with what I do and who I am. I would recommend her for any of your writing needs.

Nelda H. Braver

Architect , Braver Designs Pleasant Hill, California

I met Gini as a member of BNI, and I hired her after hearing how she helped two other members of the groups with the copy on their websites.

She also helped me by giving me suggestions on what I might do to improve the look of my website, and then she rewrote the copy for my bio.

I have also been impressed by her presentations to the group on writing and growing one’s business.  So I’d like to recommend Gini for her writing work.

Dennis Murray

Meadowbrook Design, Walnut Creek, California

For Book Publishing

Gini Graham Scott helped me publish my book Remodeling Stress and saved me over $3.00 a book in the process, getting the price per copy reduced from over $5.50 to $2.15 a copy. She also helped with cover revisions.

I was very pleased with the results, and I highly recommend her for help with self-publishing

Robert Clifford

Author of Remodeling Stress, Danville, California bldgpros.com

Changemakers are an incredible resource of talent when it comes to getting media projects off the ground. They have a wealth of experience from funding to packaging to marketing and are always professional and reliable.

It’s clear from their high quality content that they care about every project they work on

Jana Collins

Owner , Jones & O’Malley Public Relations & Media Branding

I was delighted with Gini Graham Scott’s expert help in guiding me through the process of publishing my memoir and inspirational self-help book, “My Doom Loop” on CreateSpace and Kindle.  She helped me know what to do to get my manuscript and cover ready for production and helped me in setting up my accounts and uploading my book.

As a first time author and publisher, I very much valued all her help, as well as her availability to answer my many questions about the process.

I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to publish their own book.

Eva Angvert Harren

Author of My Doom Loop, Castro Valley, California

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting my book published on CreateSpace. My book is uploaded, looks good, and I’m waiting for my co-author to get his printed proof copy, so he can make sure the cover is OK.

Could not have done this without your help. Thanks so much.

Tina B. Tessina

Author of How to Be Happy Partners, and 13 books in 17 languages, Long Beach, California

For Book Proposal and Book Writing & Editing

Gini helped me so much in editing my book, “The Deep See”, based on seeing much more about yourself from looking into a single picture. Then, she helped me publish my book under a short deadline for a big conference I was attending as a NLP trainer.

A great job well done.

Naomi Bareket

Author of The Deep See and NLP Certified Trainer, NeuroSuccessology, Castro Valley, California

Many thanks to Gini Graham Scott.  Besides helping me sell my book Lessons of Redemption which was published through a mailing to publishers by Publishers Agents and Films, she now has been helping me in writing, editing, and doing some research for my book, Baltimore on Fire, which is based on my observations, interviews, and experiences after Baltimore erupted in response to Freddie Gray’s death in a police van.

She has done a great job for me and I recommend her highly

Kevin Shird

Author of Lessons of Redemption and Baltimore on Fire, Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you for a masterful job in writing my proposal for my memoir. I can easily do some final editing… I really appreciate your work on the proposal, and then in sending my query out to agents and publishers for me.

I also appreciate your help in finding a publisher for my book An Unexpected Indiscretion

Marcy Bachmann

Author of: One Life, Six Men, An Unexpected Indiscretion , Danville, California

For Script Writing

Gini Graham Scott is and was exceptional to work with. Not only did she put my wife and I at ease with her background and history in the industry, but her work exceeded our expectations.

We hired Gini to help write a script for one of my novels and she did not disappoint. Having never done this before, we were nervous about the process and the translation from novel to script. However she met every need we had, made the transition smooth and exciting and was able to capture my novel and produced a beautiful script.

I would highly recommend Gini to anyone that is in need of her services. Her communication was great and her work was even better.

Robert Newman

Author: The 4th Watch

Gini Graham Scott helped in making some revisions to my script for Pain Man, about a doctor in a pain management practice, based on some script coverage I received, and I was very pleased with the results.

She also worked quickly, finishing my script in a few weeks.

I would recommend her highly for anyone who needs a writer or ghostwriter to help on a script.

D King, M.D.

Author: Pain Man , San Francisco, California

For Workshops on Self-Publishing & Finding Publishers, Agents and Film Producers

Make More Money with Your Book Workshop

Gini boils down years of experience and multiple areas of expertise into a simple presentation with helpful goodies tailored to participants’ interests.

Very informative.

Joey Tomic

Physicians Assistant , San Ramon, California

Very informative and well presented. A real eye opener on monetizing your book.

I’m glad that I came.

Vicente Ortia


Very informative and well presented. A real eye opener on monetizing your book.

I’m glad that I came.

Monica Viglioglia

Author of Soulwork , thesoulworkcompany.com

Very helpful in providing resources and options for publishing a book and screenplay, and seeing how to self-publish as an option. Gini is a wealth of information based on her hands-on experience with publishing and educational background.

If you are interested in getting published, she’s the person to see.

Rena Grant

Concord, California

Very informative… I found it very helpful.

Yisehak Fikre-Sellassie


I liked this workshop.  I would recommend it to others, since it was very information with a good broad-based approach.

Very helpful hints.

Chris L’Orange

Orinda, California

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