Now there’s a whole new way to understand your personality and that of others — by knowing your Dog Type. The system helps you understand your personality type and apply it to better understand and relate to others in your family, with friends, and in your work.

The Dog Type personality system builds on widely recognized ways of characterizing the four main personality types – like Myers-Briggs, the DISC system, and color profiling – but it features some popular dogs that make personality typing even more relatable and fun.

These four types are the more assertive leader type, the very sociable people person, the helper-supporter type, and the more serious researcher type.  Then these are combined with four types of popular dogs to create a fun relatable way to use the system.

In this case, the four dogs are the German Shepherd for the leader, the Pomeranian for the social people person, the Golden Retriever for the supporter helper, and the Border Collie for the serious researcher.

The system is based on knowing the types of dogs you and others like the most and least.

A new book describing this system What’s Type of Dog Are You?, just published by Waterside Productions & available on Amazon, features these topics:

– How the Dog Type personality system works

– Recognizing the four dog types: the German Shepherd, the dominant leader; the Pomeranian, the social people person; the Golden Retriever, the supporter helper; and the Border Collie, the data-driven researcher type.

– The characteristic of the four types of dogs

– Applying the Dog Type system

– How to better communicate with and interact with others based on their Dog Type

– Using the Dog Type system in different situations

Here’s a short 2 minute introduction to the book


There is also a popular song: “What Type of Dog Are You?”