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Katy’s Bow

A whimsical story about how one thing can lead to something big, when Katy puts a bow on a neighbor’s cat, which is chased by a dog, which climbs a tree, leading to a rescue and some other events which throw the town into chaos.

(Picture Book, Age 5-8)


As the story begins, Miss sees a squirrel who has fallen down the chimney and is running around the room. When she imagines what the squirrel is feeling, she becomes that squirrel and explores the world around her house as that squirrel. Later, after she lets the squirrel out, that becomes her secret.

(Picture Book, Age 5-8)

Where's the Avocado?

Where’s the Avocado

Every week, Jenny goes shopping with Momma and when they get home, Momma would make a big salad.  Then, one day, there is no avocado, and Jenny imagines what might have happened to it. Her imagination takes her even further after her mother complains to the grocery clerk, and the avocado is missing again.

(Picture Book, Age 5-8)

The Crazy Critters’ First Visit - Black Rose Writing - October 2018

The first in a series of stories about a group of unusual animals. They include Benji the Bear Fish — a bear with the tail of a fish, Bertie the Bird Dog — a cocker spaniel with wings, and others. Here four unusual creatures sail into this world and meet Sarah, new in town, and they help her gain acceptance as they teach the lesson of tolerance.

(Picture Book, Age 5-8).

Sandy Seagull, the Surfers, & the Kites - Taylor and Seale Publishing 2018

After Sandy gets tangled in the tails of a kite, a group of surfers rescue him and nurse him back to health.

Sandy Seagull & the Bird Patrol

Sandy Seagull and the Bird Patrol - Taylor and Seale Publishing 2018

After Sandy sees a young bird tangled in plastic, he gets help from his surfer friends who rescue the bird, and thereafter Sandy and a group of seagulls form the bird patrol that helps the surfers rescue others in trouble on the beach.

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