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Social Trends

The New Middle Ages

Lies & Liars

The Truth About Lying

Preventing Credit Card Fraud


At Death's Door

The Very Next New Thing

Can We Talk?

Mind Your Own Business

Internet Book Piracy

Private Eyes

You, the Jury

The Power Fantasy

The Open Door


American Murder

American Justice?

The Robber Who Shot Himself in the Face

Homicide: 100 Years of Murder in America

When the Rich Kill

Homicide by the Rich & Famous

Work, Business and Marketing

Managing Employees from Hell

A Survival Guide to Working with Humans

A Survival Guide to Working with Bad Bosses

Disagreements, Disputes and All Out War!


Work with Me

In the Land of difficult People

Business and Money

The Small Business Credit and Collection Guide

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

It's Your Money

Collect your Court Judgement

Finding Funds For Your Film or TV Project

Writing, Producing and Directing a Low Budget Short film

Marketing and Sales

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Party Plan Selling

Get Rich Through Multi-Level Selling

Effective Selling and Sales Management

Strike it Rich in Personal Selling


The Empowered Mind

Mind Power

Resolving Conflict

Making Ethical Choices

30 Days to a More Powerful Memory

The Creative Traveler

Working with People with Disabilities


Do You Look Like Your Dog?

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Sturgeon


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shamanism

The Magicians

Cult and Countercult

Further Journeys with a Shaman Warrior

Secrets of the Shaman

The Shaman Warrior

Shamanism For Everyone

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