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Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, seminar, and workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, and social trends.

She has published over 50 books, writes scripts and TV pilots, produces indy films, and helps clients write, publish, and promote their own books and films.

She has had extensive media and PR experience.

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Besides writing her own screenplays, shorts, documentary scripts, and TV pilots, Gini Graham Scott writes scripts for clients from books or original ideas.

The screenplays for clients include adaptations from two novels and a memoir and an original script based on a client's idea.
Khanteya by Julie Thong

KHANTEYA for Julie Thong.

This script is based on the powerful, moving story of Julie Thong's escape from Cambodia during the Communist take-over in the 1960s, after she was left for dead in the death camps.

Afterwards, she and her family came to America, where she has become a successful businesswoman and inspirational speaker. She won the 2009 Mrs. Southern California crown and was chosen the Outstanding Woman of the Mrs. California competition.

"If you want to get your writing work done fast, economically, and professionally, Gini is the person you need to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone that has a dream to publish their work. Gini did a superb job on the script of my memoir."

Julie Thong
Author & Speaker


Grey Rainbow Journey by K.B. Schaller


This book was a National Multicultural Best Books 2009 Winner in a competition sponsored by USA Book News. It was also a Finalist in both the Mystery/Suspense and Religion Categories.

The script is based on K.B. Schaller's novel, a unique coming-of-age story set in a Native American community in the Florida Everglades. After the mother of a Christian convert in her early 20s disappears, the woman discovers truths about her missing mother in several notebooks she finds.

Then, the woman struggles to choose between her love for a popular Native Christian evangelist and her attraction to a childhood sweetheart, who is the son of a powerful traditionalist and witchdoctor and heir to his position.

"Being involved in writing the screenplay was an experience that was both educational and enjoyable. Working with Dr. Gini Graham Scott was a pleasure. She is tops as a professional and has a unique warmth that transcends the electronic age in which we live. I highly recommend her services."

Kiki B. Shaller


Facing Out, Looking In, by Martin Silberstein

FACING OUT, LOOKING IN For Martin Silberstein

This script is based on Martin Silberstein's novel, which tells the story of two women, best friends since college, who experience a tangled web of emotion and conflict, when one of them commits an act which forever changes their relationship.

The book has received extensive praise for its brilliant mixture of dialogue and narrative, and for its insight into the human condition.

"Gini did a great job in adapting my script from my novel. "

Martin Silberstein


ACTOR for Lester Augustine.

This script is based on an idea for a story that came from a dream. A young man struggles to learn to become an actor while on scholarship at an elite Performing Arts School, where he has to overcome the obstacles of living in the inner city in a family suffering from poverty, alcohol and drug problems, and domestic violence.

"Thanks so much for turning my idea into a finished script. You did a great job in capturing my voice and making this a compelling story."

Lester Augustine


Her scripts for TV pilots and feature films with trailers and sizzle reels now being pitched to producers, to investors, and cloud funding, include these:

MEETING MADNESS (with Paul Hardister as writer and co-producer)


A team of cougars and fantasy fans compete for prizes in this pilot for a TV Reality/Game Show pitting very different types groups against each other. Future shows will feature psychics versus skeptics, extreme sports enthusiasts versus couch potatoes, swinging singles versus Christian singles, and more.



 Short  Sizzle Reel

This is the first episode of a film in which a young couple bring a woman back from cryonics suspension after 25 years only to find themselves embroiled in a dangerous mystery due to her past.



 Short:  Sizzle Reel:

A conflict in a parking lot over a parking space escalates into a car keying, revenge, a dramatic car chase, threats of future violence, the discovery of a murder, and more. This is the opening episode of a full length suspense thriller.




This is an introduction to the story of an archaeologist and his wife who can't have a child, so he uses DNA from a 15,000 year old skeleton he discovers in Mexico. With the help of a scientist friend and surrogate, he creates a child which he and his wife raise as their own. But the child grows up wilder and wilder.




NEW IDENTITY is a sci-fi legal/crime action story. A wealthy business owner in his 60s, whose life and health are failing, tries for a new life by having his brain transplanted into a donor younger body, but by mistake, it's the body of a dying criminal.

What will happen when his new identity is threatened after he rescues a young boy, the news is blasted everywhere, and he is charged with a murder by the criminal. A sensational trial raises the question of who is he really?



A once successful salesman on the verge of losing his house and everything he holds dear decides to hold a suicide party with the help of his friends. If he raises enough to save his house and get back on his feet, he'll live; if not, he'll end it all.

The planned party leads to a media frenzy and unexpected results. A first episode and sizzle reel will be available in September 2013.


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