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Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, seminar, and workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, and social trends.

She has published over 50 books, writes scripts and TV pilots, produces indy films, and helps clients write, publish, and promote their own books and films.

She has had extensive media and PR experience.

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Besides writing her own books, Gini Graham Scott writes books and proposals for clients on a wide variety of topics. 

Recently, she has written books and proposals for corporate executives, company owners, and speakers who want their own book.  Topics have included business, work, self-help, psychology, law, marketing, memoirs, and novels. 

She can work from your rough draft, notes, tapes, transcripts of talks and workshops, and interviews with you by phone or in person. If you need help organizing your material or deciding what to write about and how, we can set up a consultation for you with Dr. Scott.

If you need additional research, we have a team of research assistants who can help with that.

We can assist you with self-publishing, finding a publisher for your book, or promoting your book through our affiliate: PR and Network Connection.

Most of our clients remain anonymous, since we have ghostwritten their books. Here are four clients who published their books:

Betrayal Tony Capria

is a book about Capria's search for justice as a former prison guard in upstate New York. Once he thought I had it all -- a wife, who was the daughter of the Commissioner of Correction, two kids, a part-time job as a security guard, and the support of the prison guard's union when he fought to improve their conditions. But he angered a captain with his efforts to help the guards. When he was injured by a prisoner in a battle over a blanket, the captain turned that incident into a vendetta to bring him down, and he almost lost everything. Eventually, his struggle turned into a lawsuit, as he fought to overcome his injury and rebuild his life. BETRAYAL tells his story.

Private Eyes

Deborah A. Quinn

One Woman's Story of Recovering From a Brain Injury (Published by Paragon).  The book is about a woman who struggled back from a brain injury to become successful.  As a press release describes the book:      
"Once living a fairy tale life as a happily married and financially secure woman, a car accident led Debbie Quinn to almost lose everything. She had to struggle to learn how to function again, while others seeking to grab her business and fortune saw her as easy prey. This book chronicles her recovery, the obstacles she faced, and the process of creating a new life for herself. Now, living in Florida, she is the owner of her own business, Ingenuity Products, which is involved in financing, developing and marketing a golf ball retriever and other golf accessories. She is also active in helping brain injury patients and their relatives through sharing her own tips for recovery.

Secret Lovers, Dr. Luann Linquist

Dr. Luann Linquist

(Published by Jossey-Bass).  Written by a psychologist, this is a book about the affairs that occur outside a marriage and the reasons they occur.  The book features stories drawn from cases and offers suggestions on what to do if one discovers a mate is having an affair.  

Private Eyes

Sam Brown and Gini Graham Scott

(Published by Paladin) is based on interviews with 8 investigators, specializing in different types of investigations.  It provides a look at the role of the private investigator in American marriage, business and industry. The book features interviews with top private detectives and it highlights some of their most interesting cases and the techniques they used in their investigations. Areas covered include surveillance, going undercover, using public records, doing interviews, high-tech devices, criminal defense, and working with attorneys and the police.



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