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Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, seminar, and workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, and social trends.

She has published over 50 books, writes scripts and TV pilots, produces indy films, and helps clients write, publish, and promote their own books and films.

She has had extensive media and PR experience.

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Gini Graham Scott has gotten many recommendations for what she has done.  These include recommendations as a:

Book and Articles Writer

Film/TV Writer and Producer

Consultant on Writing and Publishing Books        

PR Writer, Seminar Leader, and Promoter       

Songwriter and Consultant on Writing and Publishing Songs        


As a Book and Articles Writer

     “I have worked with Gini on several of her books. Whatever the topic, her writing was always informative and interesting, She completed her projects on time--even early, in most cases--and was willing to take suggestions when necessary. All in all, it is a pleasure to work with Gini.”         
               Barry Richardson, Production Editor, AMACOM Books, NYC

     “Gini is truly the renaissance woman! She can write effectively about any subject! She writes books and hosts radio shows! I have been involved with many of her projects for over ten years as her banker and am constantly impressed with her dedication and the quality of her work. I would highly recommend Gini for your next project.”           
                Dale Marie Golden, VP and Premier Banker, Alta Alliance Bank, Oakland, California

     “Gini and I are both members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and in that capacity have known each other over the years. I admire and am always amazed at how prolific and thorough she is in writing and creatively developing new products and concepts. I have learned a lot through Gini and her useful services and know she is a treasure of information and resources. She offers a great deal to any client or fellow writer.”        
                 Stevanne Auerbach, Director and Author, Dr. Toys Guide  


As a Film/TV Writer and Producer  

        “Gini is a great writer, very imaginative. She also takes constructive notes well and is easy going when it comes to her work. I'm hoping to work with her in upcoming productions. She takes her work seriously but is able to separate herself from it as well.”
                  Soraya Andrade, Producer, Missing Child  Film, Los Angeles  

         "If you want to get your writing work done fast, economically, and professionally, Gini is the person you need to talk to.  I would recommend her to anyone that has a dream to publish their work.  Gini did a superb job on the script of my memoir."          
                  Julie Thong, Author & Speaker, Long Beach, California  www.juliethong.com

"Gini did a great job in adapting my script from my novel."        
                  Martin Silberstein, New York, Author   

       "Being involved in writing the screenplay was an experience that was both educational and enjoyable.  Working with Dr. Gini Graham Scott was a pleasure.  She is tops as a professional and has a unique warmth that transcends the electronic age in which we live.  I highly recommend her services."
                  Kiki B. Shaller, Plantation, Florida, Author 

      "I was very pleased with the work Gini did in taking my idea for a script about an actor who overcomes struggles growing up in the inner city to finally make it."            
                  Lester Augustine, Author, Chicago

      “Gini is a tenacious producer with great follow through and a strong ability to see projects to the end. She's also good at networking and organizing events as well as an accomplished writer with a good sense of humor to boot.”           
                  Paul Hardister, Independent Filmmaker, El Cine Productions, Los Angeles  


Consultant on Writing and Publishing Books

       “I have referred several of my author clients to Gini for help with pitching their book manuscripts to literary agents and publishers. My clients have received excellent feedback. One has published as a result and another is in negotiation for contract with a publisher on Gini's list. I have always received a prompt and courteous reply when contacting Gini personally. She has a lot of knowledge in her field and I highly recommend her.”        
                Yvonne Perry, Editorial Services, Nashville, Tennessee

As a PR Writer, Seminar Leader, and Promoter

        “Gini is personable and has an excellent knowledge of Public Relations. She offers good values: work at a reasonable cost.  She is easy to understand at each step of the process and has high integrity. She is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. I will continue to hire Gini Graham Scott for webcasts and teleconferences. I recommend her e-books and books in her library collection for anyone to read.”         
                Carmela Chiaramonte, Marketing Consultant, Los Angeles

        “When I think of people who would exemplify the word 'networking' or the phrase 'building relationships', I think of Gini Graham Scott.  Gini and I have worked on several projects promoting her work through social media as an author and lecturer. What I learn most from Gini is that some of the best students are the best teachers, and Gini excels at being both. She wants to learn and is open to sharing her knowledge as well. She is an effective communicator and business builder and an individual we can learn a lot from.”          
                 Ray Schiel, Social Media Instruction/Consultant, The Global Social Media Network, Los Angeles

        “Gini has been a client of mine for some time. There are a few things I love about working with Gini--she is very committed to what she does, and it shows in the work she produces. I have been to a few of the meetups that she organized, and they were fantastic. Her abilities to organize events and groups very well complements her abilities to write.  We are continuing to do business with each other, and I would recommend Gini 100%.”          
                 Yan Huang, President and Business Consultant, One V8, LLC, Los Angeles

          "I used Gini's PR and Networking Connection service to get started publishing my humorous essays.  I was able to develop a base of magazines and newspapers that carried the pieces, and I have been very successful in expanding the base through subsequent distributions using the service.  I have even found various publishers that pay for my work, something hard to come by these days.  This is a great way to commence a career in publishing and establish a platform."
                  Alisa Singer, Author 


Songwriter and Consultant on Writing and Publishing Songs

       “I would recommend Gini Graham Scott to all artists.  I would also, recommend her to help you in the entertainment business.  She can assist you with your projects and is sincere and trustworthy.”       
                    J. Gale, owner, J. Gale Kilgore, Eyeball Records, Austin, Texas  

“Gini is an incredibly creative and resourceful person.”        
                     Chris Keaton, Keaten Music Ventures, Nashville, Tennessee

"Gini's company sent letters for me through the Songs and Music Connection service, and the response has been very good.  We got about 25 positive responses that said: 'Yes, send me your songs and I will listen.'   We will see if anything develops, but I can tell you that I am SO GRATEFUL to her service for encouraging me to start with this program.  It's like the door has been opened for me...THANK YOU and your associates for helping me get this far."
                      William Purdy Sr., South St. Paul, Minnesota, Songwriter

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