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Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, seminar, and workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, and social trends.

She has published over 50 books, writes scripts and TV pilots, produces indy films, and helps clients write, publish, and promote their own books and films.

She has had extensive media and PR experience.

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Using the social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter has become a important adjunct to a traditional promotional campaign -- and sometimes they are used instead of the traditional media.

Rather than sending a query letter or release to an editor or producer with your news item or article, you have to create a campaign in which you build up connections, friends, followers, or associates.  Then, you build relationships and promote your business or yourself to them. 

However, since many other business people are doing the same, you have to stand out through the growing clutter.

Some of the steps to launch a social media campaign include the following:

     - Create an individual and company or organizational profile.

     - Join or create interest groups based on what you or your company are doing.

     - Invite people you meet through one-on-one or other connections to connect with you on the social media sites.

     - Post regularly and write or recommend interesting articles, which can be links to your blog or other sites.

     - Create or let people know about interesting events.

     - Use various apps to share videos, PowerPoints, blogs, files, travel plans, and other activities.

     - Let people know about your new books, products, and services, and include links to further information, such as your Websites, YouTube videos, or blog.

     - Comment on the news and, as appropriate, tie in what you or your company are doing relate to that news.  Show how your area of expertise might support what you  say in your comments.

     - Reply to the people who send you comments.   

You can do these postings yourself, use an assistant, or work with a social media consultant to advise you.

For more details on doing it yourself, see Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself






If you want to find a social media person to do the postings and follow-up for you, we work with a few PR pros in L.A. and the Bay Area.

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Lafayette, Ca 94549
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